Chromium oxide (CAS 1308-38-9)

Chromium oxide (CAS 1308-38-9)

Chromium(III) oxide (or chromia) is an inorganic compound with the formula Cr2O3. It is one of the principal oxides of chromium and is used as a pigment. In nature, it occurs as the rare mineral eskolaite.

Cr2O3 has the corundum structure, consisting of a hexagonal close packed array of oxide anions with 2⁄3 of the octahedral holes occupied by chromium. Similar to corundum, Cr2O3 is a hard, brittle material (Mohs hardness 8 to 8.5). It is antiferromagnetic up to 307 K, the Néel temperature. It is not readily attacked by acids.

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Product Description


Industries: Paints and varnishes, Glass and ceramics, Building chemistry
CAS number: 1308-38-9
WE number: 215-160-9
Chemical formula: Cr2O3
Customs tariff code: 28199090

Other physical properties

Melting / freezing point: Ok. 2000°C
Relative density: 5,22 g/cm³

Dimensions N/A
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25 kg bag