Glycerol monostearate (CAS 123-94-4)

Glycerol monostearate (CAS 123-94-4)

Glycerol monostearate, commonly known as GMS, is a monoglyceride commonly used as an emulsifier in foods. It takes the form of a white, odorless, and sweet-tasting flaky powder that is hygroscopic. Chemically it is the glycerol ester of stearic acid.

GMS is a food additive used as a thickening, emulsifying, anticaking, and preservative agent; an emulsifying agent for oils, waxes, and solvents; a protective coating for hygroscopic powders; a solidifier and control release agent in pharmaceuticals; and a resin lubricant. It is also used in cosmetics and hair-care products.

GMS is largely used in baking preparations to add “body” to the food. It is somewhat responsible for giving ice cream and whipped cream their smooth texture. It is sometimes used as an antistaling agent in bread.

It can also be used as an additive in plastic, where GMS works as an antistatic and antifogging agent. This is common in food packaging.

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Product Description


Industries: Cosmetic industry, Pharmaceutical industry
CAS number: 123-94-4
WE number: 204-664-4
Chemical formula: C21H42O4
Molar mass: 358,56 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 29157050

Other physical properties
pH: 7,8 – 8,4 (50g/l H2O w 20°C)
Melting / freezing point: 52,0 – 59,0°C
Boiling point / range: 250°C
Relative density: 0,97 g/cm³

Dimensions N/A
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25 kg bag