Guar gum (CAS 9000-30-0)

Guar gum (CAS 9000-30-0)

Guar gum, also called guaran, is a galactomannan polysaccharide extracted from guar beans that has thickening and stabilizing properties useful in food, feed, and industrial applications. The guar seeds are mechanically dehusked, hydrated, milled and screened according to application. It is typically produced as a free-flowing, off-white powder.

The guar bean is principally grown in India, Pakistan, U.S., Australia and Africa. India produces about 2.5 – 3 million tons of guar annually, making it the largest producer, with about 65% of world production. In India, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana are the main producing regions, and Jodhpur, Sri Ganganagar and Hanumangarh in Rajasthan and Pakistan with Second largest producer with 25% of Guar gum Produce In Pakistan is major Guar trading market. The US has produced 4,600 to 14,000 tonnes of guar over the last 5 years. Texas acreage since 1999 has fluctuated from about 7,000 to 50,000 acres. The world production for guar gum and its derivatives is about 1.0 Million tonnes. Non-food guar gum accounts for about 40% of the total demand.

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Product Description

Industries: Household chemicals, Cosmetic industry, Food industry
CAS number: 9000-30-0
WE number: 232-536-8

Other physical properties

pH: 5,5 – 6,2 (1%)
Melting / freezing point: 72 – 77°C
Relative density: 0,95 g/cm3 (25°C)

Dimensions N/A
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25 kg bag