Kolada (CAS 39711-79-0)

Kolada (CAS 39711-79-0)

The traditional coolants like menthol, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil have the advantages of fast eruption and strong stimulation of cool feeling. But meanwhile they have the disadvantages of very strong characteristic smell, which is easy to volatilize at high temperature and contains bitter taste at high dosages.


1. Daily use products: Toothpaste, oral products, Air Freshener, skin cream, shaving cream, shampoo, sunscreen, shower cream.

2. Foods: Confectionery products, chocolate, dairy produce, beer, distilled spirit, beverage, Chewing Gum.

3. Medicines: Linctus, diminish inflammation ointment, dyspepsia, antipruritic, liniment, oral cavity acesodyne, heatstroke pill.

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Product Description

CAS number: 39711-79-0
WE number: 254-599-0
Chemical formula: C13H25NO
Molar mass: 211 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 29242970

Other physical properties
Melting / freezing point: 87,0-102,0°C

Dimensions N/A
Pieejamais apjoms

25 kg bag, 1000 kg