Liquid for fireplaces (bioethanol)

– Safest liquid fuel for indoor bio-ethanol ventless fireplace use. Especially formulated for indoor use, but great for outdoors too

No Emission of Hazardous Fumes or Toxins-Pure Bio-ethanol fuel

Clean Burning, No Soot or Ash

Burn time up to 5 hours, depending upon model of fireplace and burner design.

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Product Description


Ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, or simply alcohol) is a chemical compound, a simple alcohol with the chemical formula C2H6O. Its formula can be also written as CH3−CH2−OH or C2H5OH (an ethyl group linked to a hydroxyl group), and is often abbreviated as EtOH. Ethanol is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid with a slight characteristic odor.
We offer only Ethanol denaturated.

CAS Number 64-17-5

EC number 200-578-6

Weight N/A