MasterCoolant Nitrite Free – 38°C yellow

Trade name: Antifreeze MasterCoolant Nitrite Free – 38°C yellow

MasterCoolant EXTRA LONGLIFE – 38 ° C is a high performance, extended life coolant formulated for optimal heat transfer and long term protection of the cooling systems of stationary gas engines and for most types of engines used in construction, quarry, agricultural, railway and marine equipment.

Uses carboxylate additive technology developed for highly effective system protection with maximum uptime in a wide range of operating conditions.

Distinctive features
• Advanced non-depleting corrosion inhibitor provides long service life with minimal maintenance and trouble-free engine operation
• Designed for a mixed fleet of vehicles and is designed for use with replacement intervals of more than 650,000 km in trucks and buses and 32,000 hours in stationary engines
• Provides reliability and protection against corrosion of thermostats, radiators, water pumps and other vulnerable parts of the cooling system
• Highly effective formulation without silicates and phosphates provides stable working properties when diluted in hard water
• Protects modern engines from high temperature corrosion, reducing maintenance time, costs, downtime and waste.

Conforms to standards: ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, ASTM D6210, BS 6580 (2010), MB-Approval 326.3, WSS-M97B44-D, RP 364, VCS 418-0001

Coolant MasterCoolant Nitrite Free is suitable for use in the following engines:
• Engines for General Motors vehicles after 1995
• Engines for Chrysler cars after 2001
• Ford engines after 2003
• Stationary diesel engines Deutz
• Diesel engines of Hino trucks
• Diesel engines of Isuzu trucks
• Diesel engines for Kobelco construction equipment
• Diesel engines for Komatsu construction equipment
• Engines Navistar ™ MAXXFORCE
• Diesel engines of Scania trucks
• Diesel engines for Volvo construction equipment
• Diesel engines of Volvo and Mack trucks
• Stationary Wärtsilä diesel engines
• European OEM heavy duty engines requiring phosphate and nitrite free formulations
• Japanese OEM heavy-duty engines requiring silicate-free formulations

Colour: yellow
Product type: Ready to use
Country of origin: Estonia
Freezing point -38 ° C
Boiling point (° C): 108 ° C
Density at 20 ° C: 1,078 g / cm 3
Recommended storage temperature minimum: 0 C maximum: 30 C
pH (ASTM D-1119): 8.6
Shelf life 36 months.
Code Master EWS-55i3y

Product Specification (TDS)

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Product Description

H302 – Harmful if swallowed
H373 – May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure (if swallowed)
P102: Keep out of the reach of children
P260: Do not breathe dust / fume / gas / mist / vapors / spray.
P264: Wash thoroughly after handling
P301 + P312: IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTER / doctor if you feel unwell.
P330: Rinse mouth
P501: Dispose of contents / container to site for specific waste collection
Does not damage rubber or plastic parts. Made by MasterChem.
COMPOSITION: ethylene glycol, water, additives.
MANUFACTURER: MASTERCHEM OÜ, 10755076 LAO 4, Maardu 74114 Estonia Tel. +372 55513600

5L – EAN 4742668002083 10L – EAN 4742668002090

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