Oxalic (ethanedioic) acid (CAS 144-62-7)

Oxalic (ethanedioic) acid) is a dibasic saturated carboxylic acid, which is a chemical substance in the form of colorless crystals, soluble in water, incompletely in diethyl and ethyl alcohol, insoluble in benzene, chloroform, petroleum ether.
Oxalic acid and oxalates are used in the textile and leather industries.
metallurgical (for cleaning metals from scale, corrosion, rust, oxides);
chemical (in the manufacture of dyes, plastics, ink, pyrotechnics);
textile (as a mordant when dyeing wool and silk);
microscopy (for bleaching the sections);
agriculture (as an insecticide);

cosmetology (as part of whitening creams, masks and serums);
analytical chemistry (for the precipitation of rare earth elements);
household chemicals (as a bleaching and disinfectant component of detergents).
In addition, the substance is used to create food additives and biologically active complexes (as a preservative)

CAS: 144-62-7

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Product Description

Oxalic acid belongs to flammable, highly toxic and toxic chemical reagents, therefore, only those laboratory employees who have undergone special instructions on observing safety measures are allowed to work with it:

– carry out work in special laboratory glassware. If the laboratory glassware is made of another material, the acid can react with it; – in order to avoid the ingress of oxalic acid on the skin, respiratory tract, mucous membranes, all studies should be carried out: in rubber products (boots, rubberized aprons, examination gloves, nitrile gloves), protective equipment (gas mask or respirator, goggles), overalls;

– while using oxalic acid, it is prohibited to eat, drink, smoke; – after completion of work, it is necessary to thoroughly wash your face and hands with warm water and soap or a neutralizing agent (baking soda solution); – transportation and storage of oxalic acid together with food is prohibited; – observe fire safety measures if there is a need to use heating devices.
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