Thinner A-5010 (CAS 1330-20-7)

Thinner A-5010 – solvent for alkyd end epoxy based paints, primers, varnishes and coatings. It is a specially prepared multi-component mixture of organic solvents based on xylene.
Thinner A-5010 is used in the synthesis of dyes, as well as a liquid suitable for dissolving epoxy resin, paints based on glyphthal resins, bitumen varnishes. Paint with Thinner A-5010 dries longer, but shines better.
Thinner A-5010 Is a quaranteed best result, proven by longterm proffessional experience.
Thinner A-5010 is best suited for thinning all types of alkyd paints, enamels and primers to working viscosity, degreasing the surface before painting and cleaning tools after work.

Product Specification (TDS)

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Product Description

Application and usage:
* Used as thinner and solvent for alkydand epoxy paints, primers, laquers, inks, varnishes, epoxy risens.
* Used as solvent for removing stains from dried alkyd paints and adhesives on various surfaces, including tiles, laminates, plastics, pvc and others. surfaces.
* For cleaning of working tools and equipement.

0.5L metal bottle
5L plastic canister
10L plastic canister
20L metal bucket UN
25L plastic canister
200L barrel
640L IBC container
1000L IBC container

Physical properties:
Density and phase: 0.864 g/mL, liquid
Thermal properties
Melting Point: −47.4 °C
Boiling Point: 138.5 °C
Flash Point: 30 °C

CAS no.: 1330-20-7
EC / List no.: 215-535-7

Weight N/A
Pieejamais apjoms

5000 ml plastic can, 10 lit plastic can, 20 L plastic bucket/canister, 25 lit plastic can, 200 L (without container cost), 500 L (without container cost), 1000 L (without container cost)