Windscreen washer summer MasterChem

Ready to use windshield washer fluid for summer use. Contains special additives (nano) to remove insect debris and dirt from the windscreen. Does not damage rubber or plastic parts. Made by MasterChem.

Windscreen Washer Specification (TDS)

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Product Description

Klaasipesuvedelik Suvine MasterChem tootekirjaldus TDS

Chemical name:     Windshield Washer Fluid

Product type:    Ready for use

Packing:    4 lit. canister, 200 lit drums, 1000 L container IBC

Country of origin:  Estonia

Freezing Point  0 °C

Appearance:   red or green liquid, clear, without mechanical impurity

Density at 20ºC:  0.99 +-0.01  Kg/m³, liquid

PH   6.5 to 7.5

Main content, %:   99.8-99.9

Recommended storage temperature Minimum: 0 C Maximum: 38 C

Shelf life (in original sealed pack): 12 mounts

Weight N/A