Almond oil (CAS 8007-69-0)

Almond oil (CAS 8007-69-0)

lmond Oil is the oil of the bitter almond after the removal of hydro- cyanic acid. it is a colorless to slightly yellow liquid having a strong principally almond-like aroma. it is used mainly in the pharmaceu- tical and cosmetic industry and also as a food flavoring agent. Sweet almond oil is an emollient with soothing properties.

Almond oil is used therapeutically as an emollientand to soften ear wax. As a pharmaceutical excipient it is employed as a vehicle in parenteral preparations, such as oily phenol injection. It is also used in nasal spray, and topical preparations.Almond oil is also consumed as a food substance.

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Product Description


Industries: Cosmetic industry
CAS number: 8007-69-0
WE number: 291-061-4

Other physical properties
Relative density: ~0,92 g/cm

Dimensions N/A
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5 lit plastic can, 10 lit plastic can, 20 L plastic bucket/canister, 25 lit plastic can, 200 L (without container cost), 500 L (without container cost), 1000 L (without container cost)