Ethylene glycol 35% – Master EWS35 (CAS 107-21-1)

Ethylene glycol (1,2-dioxane, glycol, ethanediol-1,2) is a sweet-tasting, odorless, colorless, hygroscopic oily liquid. It is obtained by wetting ethylene in the presence of phosphoric or sulfuric acids. Ethylene glycol mixes well with water and alcohol. It has high boiling points and low freezing temperatures, which is why it is widely used as a heat carrier in heating and cooling systems. The crystallization temperature of the concentrate is higher than that of aqueous glycol solutions, therefore it must be diluted with distilled water before use.

CAS: 107-21-1

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Product Description

Freezing point of ethylene glycol solutions:

Concentration freezing point density
99,9% -12 1,15
20% -8 1,025
30% -15 1,042
35% -18 1,05
40% -24 1,056
45% -30 1,062
50% -37 1,068
55% -46 1,075
60% -54 1,08
65% -65 1,085
70% -62 1,091
75% -55 1,096
80% -47 1,1

Ethylene glycol-35 (aqueous glycol solution, Master EWS35) – is a combination of high-quality ethylene glycol and softened water, in the form of a hygroscopic syrup liquid that begins to crystallize at -20 ° C. Well established in the Estonian market.

Upon freezing, the compound does not form a solid, but a loose mass and its volume increases slightly – but not more than 0.25-0.3%. These properties have led to widespread use as a heat carrier in various types of heating and cooling systems.

Ethylene glycol solution has good thermal conductivity, low corrosivity to various metals, low foaming properties and low coefficient of thermal expansion. It does not require dilution with water, it is used in finished polymer and steel systems. The material is not recommended for use in galvanized pipe schemes, it is not recommended to mix it with other coolants and bring it to the boil during operation.


Ethylene glycol 35% is used in various types of air conditioners and heating systems, in industrial production as a working fluid (cooling solvent and heat carrier).

It is used:

in solar heating systems;
in industrial and local cooling and heating systems;
geothermal heat pumps;
heat recovery systems.

This compound is also used in the production of antifreeze, brake fluids, coolants and polymers. You can buy it from us with or without anti-corrosion additives and colorants.

Safety requirements

Master EWS35 is toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive. To prevent poisoning, it must not come into contact with food and drinking water. The substance is intended for technical use only.
The compound belongs to the third hazard class according to the degree of human exposure. You must wear special clothing and shoes, rubber gloves, as well as eye and respiratory protection when working with it. In the event of short-term contact, the reagent will not adversely affect humans.

Transport and storage characteristics

35% of ethylene glycol, which is very affordable for us, is transported in all modes of transport in accordance with the transport rules and regulations for this type of transport.
The compound should be stored in closed containers in dry, unheated, ventilated storage rooms, protected from direct sunlight, away from food. Expiry date – 60 months from the date of manufacture.

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