MasterGuard ArcticShield Marine Antifreeze -50HD™

MasterGuard ArcticShield Marine Antifreeze -50HD™ is suitable for marine engines, both gasoline and diesel types. MasterGuard ArcticShield Marine Antifreeze -50HD™ is a high-quality extra-long-life cooling liquid designed for marine engines, offering superior protection against freezing in harsh marine environments with extremely cold temperatures. Formulated with propylene glycol and innovative corrosion inhibitors, it ensures optimal performance and longevity of boat engines. Uses carboxylate additive technology developed for highly effective system protection with maximum uptime in a wide range of operating conditions. This eco-friendly solution is non-toxic, making it safe for marine environments. Conforms to standards: ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, ASTM D6210, SAE J1038, CAT EC-1, Cummins CES 14603, Detroit Diesel 7SE298, 93K217, Freightliner 48-22880, GM 1825/1899M/6277M, TMC RP329, Chrysler MS-7170, MS-9769, Ford WSS-M97B51-A1, WSS-M97B44-D, Mack Trucks CN H, 324.

MasterGuard ArcticShield Marine Coolant can also be used in boats and recreational vehicles (RVs), motorhomes, and caravans to protect the inboard engines, drinking water, and toilet systems against freezing.

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Product Description

Distinctive features:
• Ideal for use in northern countries where sudden temperature drops are possible
• Advanced non-depleting corrosion inhibitor provides long service life with minimal maintenance and trouble-free engine operation
• Designed for a mixed fleet of marine vehicles and is designed for use with replacement intervals of more than 20,000 hours in stationary engines
• Provides reliability and protection against corrosion of thermostats, radiators, water pumps, and other vulnerable parts of the cooling system
• Highly effective formulation without silicates and phosphates provides stable working properties when diluted in hard water
• Nitrite Free
• Protects modern engines from high-temperature corrosion, reducing maintenance time, costs, downtime, and waste.

Product properties:
Freezing point: -50°C
Inhibitor: ASTM D3306, D4985, D6210 standard
Density at 20ºC: 1.047 g/cm3
Color/Appearance: red, clear
Odor: n.a.
Service life: at least 6 years and depends on operating rules
Shelf life: 72 months.

Dosage table

MasterSeaSafe Antifreez Water Protection up to °C
1 L -50
1 L 0,5 L -30
1 L 1 L -15

User manual:
System Preparation: Flush the boat’s cooling system to remove any residual liquid, debris, or scale. Ensure the system is free from corrosion and zinc-containing parts.
Filling: For boats with open cooling systems, fill manually. For closed systems, use a pump to fill under pressure, ensuring complete coverage.
Leak Prevention: Due to its high wetting effect, ensure all connections are tightly sealed to prevent leaks, which can reduce system efficiency.
Start-up: In cold conditions, warm up the engine before starting to circulate the cooling liquid, reducing pump load.
This approach highlights the product’s specific application for boats, addressing the needs and conditions encountered in marine environments.

Recommended storage temperature minimum: 0 C maximum: 20 C
Article: MGASM-50PRO57-55-6
Ingredients: propylene glycol (CAS 57-55-6), demineralised water, inhibitor additives, stabilizers
Country of origin: Estonia

Packaging: 1 lit, 5 lit, 20 lit, 25 lit, 200 lit, 1000 lit

4742668000829 1-lit plastic can
4742668000836 5-lit plastic can
4742668000843 20-lit plastic can
4742668000850 25-lit plastic can
4742668000867 200-lit plastic drum
4742668000874 1000-lit IBC container

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
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1 lit, 5 lit plastic can, 20 L plastic bucket/canister, 25 lit plastic can, 200 L (without container cost), 1000 L (without container cost)