Industrial Nitro Lacquer Univeral

Definition and application field

NITRO LACQUER UNIVERSAL is a clear coating,for protecting and decorating room furniture and enterior elements (massive and veneer) which are not exposed to significant mechanical and chemical influences. Can be use like base and finish coating.
This product is based on nitrocellulose, alkyd resins and organic solvents, with the addition of funds for grinding and other special additives

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Product Description


NITRO LACQUER UNI (10-60% gloss)



Basic physical properties

Viscosity, ISO 2431: 45-60”
Solid content, ISO 1515: 22-23%

Product before use mix well.

Way of application

Thinning of the lacquer before applying is done with 5-15% nitrocellulose thinner, depending on the desired fullness coating and shape of objects.
The lacquer can be applied by spraying elements in two or more layers on a dry and clean surface.
Before coating the surface can be coloured by NITRO or WATERBASED STAIN.

Optinmal application viscosity : 20+2 ” ( DIN 4, 20 °C)
Dry on dust:10-15 min
Overcoating: 1 hour. (the grinding of the interlayer is necessarily, with 320 grin.t sandpaper).
Finish layer is dry after 2 hour.


150-180g/m2 in one layer.

Storage conditions

The shelf life of the originally closed and suitably stored product is 12 months from the date of manufacture..
The storage temperature + 5C – + 25C .

Please note

During the work, protective glasses and glows should be used.

Weight N/A
Pieejamais apjoms

1000 ml, 20 L plastic bucket/canister, 200 L (without container cost)