Beeswax (CAS 64742-26-3)

Beeswax (CAS 64742-26-3)

Beeswax absolute is obtained by alcohol extraction of beeswax. The yield is generally less than 1%.The yellowish-brown, viscous product has a mild, honey-like odor, and high tenacity; it is used almost exclusively in fine fragrances.

Crude yellow beeswax is harvested together with honey and represents a secondary secretion of the bee. Once the honey is recovered from the honeycomb by draining the cells, the wax combs are washed with water, melted and poured into molds to harden. The wax is refined by melting in hot water to which sulfuric acid or alkali may be added to extract impurities. The resulting wax is referred to as yellow beeswax. Yellow beeswax contains cerolein, a mixture of fatty acids and soluble in hot alcohol and slightly soluble in cold alcohol; myricyl alcohol and myricyl palmitate, insoluble in alcohol. Beeswax is produced worldwide with the same chemical composition. The odor may vary slightly, depending on the source.

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Industries: Cosmetic industry
CAS number: 64742-26-3; 68334-28-1; 2778-96-3
WE number: 265-126-2; 269-820-6; 220-476-5

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