Hydrogen peroxide 50% (CAS 7722-84-1)

CAS № 7722-84-1

Hydrogen peroxide 50%
– colorless liquid with a metallic taste, easily soluble in water, alcohol and ether


-Hydrogen peroxide becomes an excellent agent for disinfecting water in swimming pools, to combat algae and water bloom
-applied as an effective bleaching agent for cotton, wool, textiles, furs, paper, artificial and synthetic fibers in the textile, pulp and paper and light industries
-Capable of spontaneous decomposition into water and oxygen, mixes up with water in any ratio. – properties as an antiseptic, hemostatic and disinfectant make it possible to use it in cosmetics, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, medical and other industries. In medicine, they are used mainly for healing wounds and scratches. – the food industry is used to disinfect equipment.

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Product Description

Physical properties
Molar mass 34.01 g / mol
Density 1.4 g / cm3
Melting point -0.432 С
Boiling point 150.2 C

When working with hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to observe safety measures, be sure to use protective equipment – a mask, rubber gloves and goggles. It should be remembered that hydrogen peroxide is fire hazardous and a strong oxidizing agent. Hydrogen peroxide 50% should be stored in a closed warehouse, isolated from moisture and sunlight.

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