Isobutyl acetate (CAS 110-19-0)

Isobutyl acetate (CAS 110-19-0)

The chemical compound isobutyl acetate, also known as 2-methylpropyl ethanoate (IUPAC name) or β-methylpropyl acetate, is a common solvent. It is produced from the esterification of isobutanol with acetic acid. It is used as a solvent for lacquer and nitrocellulose. Like many esters it has a fruity or floral smell at low concentrations and occurs naturally in raspberries, pears and other plants. At higher concentrations the odor can be unpleasant and may cause symptoms of central nervous system depression such as nausea, dizziness and headache.

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Product Description


Industries: Paints and varnishes, Cosmetic industry, Adhesives, oils, greases
CAS number: 110-19-0
WE number: 203-745-1
Index number: 607-026-00-7
Chemical formula: C6H12O2
Molar mass: 116,16 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 29153900
ADR: UN1113

Other physical properties

pH: 6,7( 5g/l w 20°C )
Melting / freezing point: < -90°C
Boiling point / range: 117°C
Relative density: 0,871 g/cm3 (20°C )
Solubility in water: 6,7 g/l (20°C )

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